COVID-19 Protocols

St. Anne’s Dojang 
November 19th, 2020

Prior to Class

  • The floor will be cleaned and mopped with appropriate cleaning solution.
  • Designated areas for student equipment and training will be taped on the floor (or repaired if the tape has come loose).
  • Hand sanitizing station on the cart will be set up at the entrance to the dojang.

Entry to Class

  • Students will line up outside the dojang at 6 foot intervals.
  • Students will wear a mask before entering dojang.
  • A screener at the South Entrance door will take attendance and ask COVID-19 Screening Questions as outlined in the accompanying poster. The screener will be provided with a new mask by the club.
  • If all answers to all questions are no, student will be allowed into dojang.
  • If answers to questions 1 and/or 2 are yes, student will not be allowed into dojang. We will recommend that they contact Healthline 811 and self-isolate until given further direction.
  • If answers to questions 3, 4 and/or 5 are yes, student will not be allowed into the dojang for 14 days. We will recommend that they self-monitor.
  • It will be at the discretion of the screener to prevent anyone who appears to be coughing, feverish or otherwise sick from entering the dojang.
  • Upon entering, students will change into indoor shoes in the lobby area. Students will clean their hands with the provided sanitizer before entering the dojang.
  • Students will carry all their belongings to the marked areas around the perimeter of the dojang. They can place their equipment bag (sparring pads, water bottle, outdoor shoes) in the designated area.
  • Students may remove their a mask before moving to their appropriate square.
  • Students will not be able to use the washrooms to change. They must arrive and leave wearing their doboks.
  • Once class begins, the door will be locked to prevent any further entry. The screener may choose to stay and man the door, should anyone come late.

During Class

  • Student will be assigned a number that will correspond to a taped off area on the dojang floor.
  • Student will carry their yoga mat to the appropriate square and sit quietly on top of their mat until class begins.
  • Students MUST be wearing clean indoor shoes and will not be allowed to participate in bare feet.
  • Class will proceed, with instructors maintaining at least 2m between them and the students at all times.
  • Yelling in class will be discouraged.
  • Students will only be allowed to use the washrooms for emergencies and will be required to wash hands thoroughly before entering the dojang again. If washrooms are used, Saskatchewan Health protocols will be used to sanitize the washrooms between classes.
  • Should a student become sick during class, they will be asked to leave, and class will be ended immediately. The attending instructor will be required to contact Saskatchewan Health immediately for further direction. Clean up protocols and sanitation will be followed as needed.


  • Sparring will resume between members in an assigned sparring group.
  • Sparring Groups must be comprised of individuals within the same assigned group.
  • Sparring Groups should remain together until restrictions are further relaxed.
  • Members in different Sparring groups should not be in contact with each other.
  • Individuals must not share personal items (i.e. equipment or beverage containers).
  • Congratulatory gestures such as high fives and handshakes are not permitted.

Exit from Class

  • Once class has ended, students will be dismissed one line at a time, as per the instructor’s directions.
  • Students will put on their mask..
  • Students will gather their belongings and exit through the North door, maintaining social distancing as much as possible.
  • Parents are to pick up their children as promptly as possible and will not be allowed into the dojang.

Between Classes & End of Day

  • The floor will be given a quick mopping with the appropriate solution before the next students will be allowed to enter.
  • If washrooms were used, they will be sanitized prior to the next class. A document with the cleaning schedule and the cleaner’s initials will be maintained.
  • All door handles will be wiped and sanitized.


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